Sunday, May 25, 2014


So today I made pork dumplings with my mum. This is the first time we have actually made it at home, as we normally buy it from Seewoo if we want them.

The filling is made from pork mince, chopped cabbage, red onions, spring onions, ginger and an egg. Seasoning was added such as salt and soy sauce. It smelt good even when it wasn't cooked~

The dough was made from flour, water and salt. This is my mum doing all the hard work! Haha. I rolled out the dough and made the circles. 

Here's a shameless selfie:

There are lots of random shapes. I even made some triangular one xd

The dumplings were shallow fried then left to simmer in a bit of water, so the filling would be cooked through the centre. It was so good... I am stuffed !!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Delivery from 'Sushi Time'

Have you ever heard of sushi being delivered?

Well I got mine delivered for dinner one day at Uni.. since I had no cooking utensils or food.

Thought I would try it out even though it was rather expensive... It was pretty much £1 per roll. I did not think about it at the time... LOL I got 16 rolls xD

Anyway, I got it... and it was better than I expected. It was better than Wasabi/Itsu..The fish eggs are beautiful!

Just for you

I spent a few days in Birmingham since I had an exam to go up there for. I had lunch with my colleagues/coursemates at Handmade Burger. It was actually my first time going there, and I actually really liked the food.

I ordered the Avocado and Bacon Beef Burger.. which was just under £8. I was a bit unsure about the prices as I thought that was expensive considering it did not include chips. We ordered 2 portions of chips to share, but it was way too much as the bowls of chips are pretty large. We had Cajun Chips (?) and Periperi Chips.

On to my avocado and bacon beef burger..

It was really good burger: thick, juicy and full of flavour. I loved the avocado and bacon with it, as well as the sweet chutney like concoction that balanced out the heaviness of everything else. There were sultanas in it as well - not too much so I did not mind. It was pretty good, and definitely satisfying! I would defo want to go there again.. not any time soon though!

So after stuffing my face with the beast, I realised why it was £8.. it is very filling. Next time I would not bother thinking about chips unless I was starving. Always remember that beef can be very filling!

A thing to note - the burger is so big that it is impossible to fit in your mouth. I devoured mine with a knife and fork, having failed to squeeze the height of the burger into my mouth. Haha!

Enjoy it through the screen:

Saturday, February 22, 2014

badummmm badumm

I guess this is another shopping post... I don't know what else to post about besides food and shopping lol.

Anyway... this was from quite a while ago, but I had been looking for a really small bag to fit in my work bag - So that I wouldn't have to take my laptop bag out when buying lunch or whatever.

It literally is the tiniest bag I own LOL... it's the size of a purse xd

I got it from tkmaxx - it kinda looks like an old lady's bag LMAO xd. Anyway, it is leather so hopefully it will last. The colour isn't the best, but I'm not fussed - it goes with most of my stuff.

Here it is on... lol you can wear it on your shoulder diagonally or just on one shoulder. I prefer diagonally as you don't have to worry about it falling off!  My sister is so cheeky... she wants to be in evert photo.. :)  so here you go: 

This is from another time... from the January sales I think. I went to Oxford Street with a friend and we browsed around. I actually wasn't going to buy anything.

My friend was buying some things from Zara... the queue was LOOOOONG. Anyway, I happened to find a t-shirt that I liked. And it was an absolute BARGAIN. Guess how much! was £1.99 LMAO... yeh!! SO yeh... I queued up with my friend for like 20mins to buy something for £1.99... hahaha. 

It's a stupid t-shirt... but I love t-shirts, because they are so easy and comfortable. 

Here is another random photo of me... trying on my new items. The red in my hair is very clear for some reason :O 

Friday, February 21, 2014

I just felt like shopping!!

It has been a busy but pretty good week at work. It was the last day for all the members of the team to be out together so we went out for lunch.

We went to Villandry's Grand Cafe on Great Portland Street. It was pretty posh lol... Lots of business people dining. The interior is very nice.. I didn't take any photos but you can google it -

This is only the entrance - super cute right? ;)

This is the main restaurant area (there is also a cafe section):

Anyway I got the grilled sea bass, with artichoke, olives, broad beans and quail eggs. The portion is very small for the amount you pay... We also ordered some chips to share. I was happy with my sea bass but it should have been larger lol... If I didn't have chips then I would have been starving.

But I guess that's how posh restaurants work.... -.-

Anyway..after I inished work today, I thought I should wonder along oxford street to see if there was anything I could pick up for work..

I ended up buying things from the following places:

1. Uni Qlo
I got a plain black cardigan for work, as the ones I have currently aren't really smart/appropriate for work. I usually wear blazers.

2. Mango
I just got a blouse from Mango. It was on sale... I guess it just caught my eye because of the material and pattern. It's nothing special but I like it.

3. Debenhams
I got a oversized blazer/coat from the 'Miss Selfridge' section.. I have been looking for something for next winter for a while now. It's not perfect.. But it was on sale for £25.. So whatever.. It will do lol.

4. House of Fraser

From House of Fraser I just got some shoes for work. I thought I would spend a bit more this time as the ones I have bought previously were cheaper but just don't seem to last long!! 
These ones are comfortable and seem sturdy.. They also have grip on the bottom - which is something I try to look for in shoes. I guess this is the first time I have spent so much on a pair of shoes... So they better last! ;( 

The brand is Mascotte - never heard of it! But they had some cute stuff... I had to get size 2.5 LOL.. I'm normally a 3.

Here is how they look... The inside is nice and cushioning for the foot - much better than my £25 or whatever flats from Next.

And you can see the bottom is kind of rubbery.. And some bits are raised for grip. 

Fingers crossed these will last!

### LOL when I was waiting for the lady to bring the shoes for me to try on.. I looked over at the counter where the other sales assistant was. Then the other assistant (who was male) winked at me. He was pretty good looking lol.. XD but anyway I just smiled back... LMAOOO 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Just another one of those depressing posts...

Seems like life really wants to break me... I am not sure how much stronger I need to become before things will just settle in a good place. things keep going in the way I would never expect?

Why is 'love' so fickle, disgusting and disgraceful?

It is like watching a horror movie, but it is real...

Like spit and laughter, the residue lingers and I just cannot escape it.

You said you needed to leave for ONE reason. For that ONE reason, I gathered everything to suppress my feelings and accept your decision.

And now.. the things that you are doing mean that ONE reason that caused my whole world to fall apart is worthless.

What you are doing is undeniably wrong. And when you realise that, it will be too late. The damage has already been done.

Forgiveness is easy to ask for. But you cannot even look me in the eye, can you?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Business cards

After working here for over year, I ordered a batch of business cards. LOL the minimum order is 100!

They arrived in the post and now I am not sure what to do with them. Lmao.. Some of my friends want one, so I guess I will distribute them just for the sake of it. XP I put one on my brothers board too haha. 

Really.. I have no use for them!